NEXT/GEN COLD EMAIL SOFTWARE Cold Email Outreach With Results.

Satisfy the guardians of the primary-inbox with a cold email platform that is purpose-built
using best practices across IT, Sales and Marketing, to deliver your message front and center.

Want to Land In the Primary Inbox?
Do This. Not This.

Stop Overpaying with ‘Seats’.

Scale your cold outreach properly using multiple domains and multiple mailboxes, without breaking the bank.

Connect unlimited email accounts without adding expensive seats or users.

Stop Overpaying with Seats
Out of spam AI

Humanlike AI
Stay Out Of Spam.

Avoid being banished to the spam folder, by simply acting human. Our AI delivery engine deploys humanlike sending behavior with all the benefits of automation. We focus on complex IT, so you can focus on sales.
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Built-in Email Validation

Protect your sender reputation by ensuring your prospect list is clean and valid. Leadfwd will instantly remove invalid or malicious email addresses, before you attempt to engage with them in a Sequence.
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Out of spam AI

Round-Robin Email Sender Rotation.

Scale your email volume while protecting your sender reputation by equally rotating outbound email through multiple email accounts and domains automatically.
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AI Enabled

Make Every Email Unique and Relevant.

Sending the same exact email to multiple recipients is a red flag for spam filters. Leadfwd supports rapid personalization through multiple platform features, each of which enables individualized or unique message copy for each recipient - at scale.

Make Every Email Unique and Relevant

Get Warmed Up.
The Right Way.

Safely ramp up your new or existing mailbox by gradually increasing your daily sending volume overtime, while avoiding compliance issues with your mailbox providers TOS and AUP, which is typically associated with artificial warm up tools.
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Leadfwd Works, Where You Work. Seamlessly sync and enroll leads and prospects into sequences from your existing apps.


For the love of inbox placement.

Everything you need to build a massively successful cold email program, that lands in the inbox.

Simple, no-code connectors.

Click, create and automate.

Native integrations and our no-code connectors make it simple to push prospects to the top of your sales funnel, wherever your pipeline may live. Easily create filtering rules to segment contacts for your sales team, such as only pushing leads when they are showing buying signals.

Sync with 5,000+ business apps using our no-code connectors for Zapier , Pabbly and Make (Integromat)